Pillow Talk: When You Shouldn’t Take “NO” For An Answer!

Modern media is rightfully spotlighting sexual conduct and emphasising the importance of mutual consent. There are obviously important legal, social and moral aspects of sex. In almost every instance “No” should serve as an immediate reason to comply with the wishes of your partner. However, there is one time when ‘No’ just isn’t good enough… Never take “No” for an answer when it comes to protection!

1. “No, we don’t need a condom because I’m healthy and I’m clean.”

If someone claims that they are so healthy and clean that you don’t need to use a condom, their claims may turn out to be inaccurate. Someone who isn’t using condoms with you is unlikely to be using condoms with everyone else and your risk of contracting an STI goes up!

2. “No, I don’t like condoms, it’s difficult to use them.”

Using condoms can leave a mark on someone’s memory if they’ve had trouble with them in the past. Maybe they weren’t able to get hard or they couldn’t figure out how to unwrap a condom properly in the dark. Gift Condoms are high-sensitivity material properly lubricated for maximum pleasure, so that excuse is nonsense… and honestly, if they don’t have the intellect needed to properly unwrap a condom, are they really someone you want to be intimate with at all?

3. “No worries, I’m already on birth control.”

If you had a pound for every person who has lied about taking birth control you would be too busy counting your money to contemplate having sex with anyone! You want to prevent pregnancy, you need to protect yourself from getting an STI – that means YOU need to be the one making sure you are safe and you can do that easily by rejecting their “no” and telling them to it’s a condom right now or it’s time for that awkward walk home alone while contemplating what could have been!

4. “No, and we are done talking about it.”

Someone who says something like that to you before sex doesn’t have a problem that can be solved by a condom. Dump that loser right now and find yourself someone worth having sex with instead. Even more than the gift of a condom, you deserve the gift of a loving, caring and open-minded partner capable of treating you with the respect you deserve!

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STD Rates Climbing, But Visits To The Clinic Are Down!

According to data from England’s Health Service the NHS, the amount of people seeking help from dedicated sexual health clinics is falling year on year.

Despite there being sharp rises in STD rates and some becoming resistant, especially with gonorrhoea, only 1.26 million people in England looked for help. This is down almost five percent from 2015.

This sounds like a very small number taking into account there are up to 3 million students currently registered to study in the UK. With their local dedicated sexual health clinics being a place for free condoms, you would think at least some of them would have made the trip. And get this, among under 25s, there were 94,461 less contacts!


The Family Planning Association (FPA) has said the figure could mean that fewer people were able to access services with clinics closing down due to the budget cuts. 

FPA chief Executive Natika Halil has had this to say: ‘We question how much support young people are getting through sex and relationships education, which is still not statutory, to become confident and competent users of sexual health services.’ And condoms, it seems.

Common sense tells you that there should be a correlation in clinic visits when STD rates are rising, but this is not the case. One thing that is also very concerning is the fact young people may not be getting the required amount of safe sex education, and most are not even taking a visit to the clinic to stock up on condoms.

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