About Us

About Us

Hello there!

As the founders of GiftCondom, we wanted to tell you about ourselves and the reason behind why we created this service. Us two together, Joe (22) and sister Megan (21), founded GiftCondom off the back of rather embarrassing situations with our parents. We will never forget when our Dad walked into Joe’s room at 15, with a long, oddly shaped Sweet Potato asking him to put “this on that”, or when Mum left a jumbo box of condoms on Megan’s pillow.

This got us thinking… How could this awkward situation be avoided? Surely there was an easier way! That was where GiftCondom was born. We wanted to create a service that enables anyone to anonymously send people they care about condoms to encourage them to practice safe sex.

Neither of us had experience with building or designing a website, so we met a developer while visiting our Dad in Barcelona and spoke to him about what we needed and he agreed to build the site for us. A friend of his, who bought into the concept straight away, created the logo of the heart shaped condom.

Following that, we borrowed money from our parents so that we could pay for the development and design, and started researching into wholesale condoms. We found a condom supplier in America and we had our own branded condoms with our heart logo… We think they look amazing!

We want to connect with you all as much as possible, so we filmed a short video for you to watch to get to know us better. Be sure to follow us on social media as we will keep updating you all with our progress! Our aim is to bring you comfort and peace of mind in regards to the wellbeing of those you care about.

Joe and Megan x

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